Case study | Retail (food)

Major retail grocer.

A major retail grocer with more than 954 sites across the UK required a long-term solution to reduce their annual waste spend while also increasing their recycling.

fruit shelves supermarket

The issue.

When we started working with the grocer, they gained little value from recyclable material, were paying excess tonnage charges from heavy general waste bins, and had low visibility on spend.

Reducing their general waste bins and increasing recycling was the priority. To do this they required a full waste analysis with recommended solutions.

The solution.

Our account management team conducted a lid lifted analysis. A managed solution was implemented across their 954 stores, along with a communication and training plan.

We tapped into the competitiveness between regions, and organised reporting on recycling rates into a league table which was shared with all staff.

Back hauling recyclable materials into centralised points, utilising the grocer’s existing logistics infrastructure, was introduced with our support. This has reduced costs as well as minimising the operational disruption for stores of frequent collections for individual recycling streams.

Additionally, we manage all 11 of the grocers RDC’s (regional distribution centres). A bespoke coaching and onsite training scheme has been key in driving the behaviour change to increase segregation of recyclable materials.

We also support this customer with their food redistribution strategy and implementation at store level.

Through our recommendation of a closed loop solution for plastic recycling the customer is producing their ‘bags for life.’

The results.

landfill 250k+ collections per year
Revneue 7.3% reduction in general waste spend in the first 12 months
cardboard box 1300+ store visits through the contract
bin waste

“The handover from the incumbent and mobilisation of collections from RDCs has been a smooth and successful process. SWRnewstar have also added value with store data / insights and general operational support with projects and the regional training.”

Where next?