Hospitality waste management.

Managing the variety and volume of waste in hospitality is a piece of cake for SWRnewstar. We’ve worked with top UK brands over a number of years, giving us the experience and tools to look after your needs.

Do you have guests who don’t want to be disturbed with early morning waste collections? How vital is service flexibility to you when it comes to accommodating busy events? Do you operate within strict timing restrictions, or is bin storage space a problem? We’re aware of the challenges you face – better yet, we have solutions for them.

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Working with you.

We will literally come to you and lift the lid off your bins while working with you to understand what’s in them, what processes in your kitchen or front of house are generating waste.

From our analysis, we can help you understand where the waste is coming from, and provide you with solutions to better manage your waste streams.

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Food waste services.

There’s more to food waste than you might think – it is a valuable resource. By looking beyond segregating food and utilising separate collections, we’ll show you unique ways you can reduce your costs and the overall volume of waste you produce.

Case studies

"500,000 plastic bottles removed from supply chain."
"SWRnewstar and Greene King have formed a collaborative and longstanding partnership built on trust..."

Dan Stretton, Senior Supply Chain Manager, Greene King

Hospitality insights.

20 March 2020

Covid-19 | Coronavirus

We are continuing to operate as normally as possible, supporting our team, customers and supply partners through this difficult period. Key worker status is confirmed for the waste sector.

16 October 2019

Mind the gap: how the transport sector can meet targets to reduce on-the-go waste

Mind the Gap: Dan Brown outlines a 5 stop journey to reduce on-the-go waste for the transport sector and reach ambitious recycling targets

20 September 2019

YHA remove half a million plastic bottles from network

YHA were 1 of 5 successful applicants to the Waitrose & Partners and Hubbub plastic fund. Following a national campaign to identify the most exciting and innovative plastic reduction schemes YHA secured a share of the £1m fund. Half a million plastic bottles removed from network.

Specialist contact.

To find out more about how we can help your Hospitality organisation, just give us a call on 0800 432 0550 or contact us online. Speak directly with a member of the Hospitality organisation team.